Pediatrician Salary

The job of a pediatrician can be stressful and demanding, but can also yield incredible job satisfaction, as a well as a great salary. In reviewing salaries of pediatricians, various factors can affect how much a doctor in pediatrics will make. The area of the doctor’s speciality, their experience, and even the geographical area in which the doctor is practicing medicine can affect these salaries. All of these components play an important role in determining a pediatrician salary.

Location, Location, Location

The location of where a doctor practices pediatrics can affect how much the person makes in that line of work. For instance, a pediatrician in New York City is going to make vastly more than one that is practicing in a small town in Virginia. This is simply a matter of location and cost of living. The cost of living in large, urban cities will cause a salary to be in a higher bracket than that of a small town or city where the demand is not as great for doctors with specific knowledge and specializations.

Having a Specialty

A pediatrician practicing as a general practitioner will make vastly less than one that specializes in a specific field such as hematology, oncology, or surgery. This is because the more complex the specialty, the more educational background and schooling is required. If a doctor pays more for schooling and is in school longer, it is only fair that they are paid more. For example, a pediatric surgeon can make well over $450,000 a year, while a general pediatrician may bring in between $183,180 to a little over $228,440.

Private Practice

A pediatrician working within a private practice is typically paid measurably more than one that is employed by a large institution, such as a hospital or medical facility. In addition, those working within a private practice tend to have more flexibility in their schedules They are, however, less likely to take vacation time, as there are fewer doctors available for coverage in private practice facilities. In addition, many pediatricians working as employees of hospitals and large facilities state that after the hospital adds in health insurance and other benefits, the salaries are the same.

Permanent or Temporary

If a pediatrician is looking for a short term job or temporary position to help bridge a gap in hospital or facility staff during a time of shortage, then these pediatricians may be able to rack up a higher pay rate than those seeking long term employment. Many facilities and hospitals are willing to pay top dollar to fill temporary gaps in their schedules and will often include liability insurance and housing coverage while the doctor is working in that area. This can be a win-win situation for a doctor who is not tied down and wishes to travel and work only short stints of time.

The job of a pediatrician can be rewarding, especially in terms of monetary benefits. Depending upon various factors, a pediatrician salary range can be from $183,180 to well over $450,000. Location, speciality, and the type of practice in which one chooses to work can affect these salaries. In addition, seeking temporary work can boost salary amounts. No matter what type of job a pediatrician seeks, there is a salary to fit their needs and goals.