Pediatrician Jobs

A pediatrician has various fields of work to choose from upon completion of their residency. This doctor is not just limited to working in a typical doctor’s office or hospital. The options can also range from working as a surgeon to a specialist. This doctor can even work in research jobs or special fields of study for children. The opportunities are endless when it comes to choosing from the different types of pediatrician jobs available.

General Pediatrician

A pediatrician can work as a General Pediatrician, MD or doctor of medicine. This type of job would focus primarily on the overall health of babies, children, adolescents and teens. A general practitioner would treat for colds, overall health, immunizations, and work as a primary care physician for the child. These types of doctors are typically the first ones to examine the child if they are sick. If the diagnosis requires a more in depth look, the general pediatrician may refer the patient to a pediatric specialist.

Pediatric Specialist

A pediatric specialist can specialize in various fields of study, including but not limited to, cardiology, hematology, endocrinology, and many other specialties. These jobs do require a more in depth study of the speciality. Therefore, choosing a pediatrician job such as this may also require more education in regards to medical school. However, a job as a specialist tends to offer more challenging work, which may be appealing to some doctors. If they do not choose a specific specialty, a doctor may choose a job as a neonatologist.


A neonatologist is a pediatrician that has received special training in treating and caring for premature babies or infants. These infants or babies are not necessarily sick, but are born prior to all of their organs and internal body parts being formed. The mother may have not been able to carry the baby to full term. In addition, this type of pediatrician may also treat babies that were carried to full term, but were born with complications such as pneumonia or other defects or abnormalities.

Pediatric Sports Medicine

Adults are not the only ones that need a sports medicine doctor. This is why there is a job for pediatricians in the field of sports medicine. These doctors treat adolescents and teens that may have injuries that prevent performance in sports as well as other activities. Injuries typically treated in this field are sprains, ligament injuries, exercise-induced asthma, and overuse injuries. These pediatricians may also treat children and teens with issues such as eating disorders and diabetes.

Pediatric Surgeon

A pediatric surgeon focuses primarily on children to early teens that are in need of any type of surgery. The job of a pediatric surgeon requires special training in neonatal, prenatal, trauma, and oncology training for illnesses in children to teenagers. These pediatricians determine if surgery is necessary for a baby, child, or teen, as well as perform the required surgery. This position does require exceptional communication skills in order to build trust with concerned parents and children that may be facing surgery.

There are a plethora of pediatrician jobs and positions for someone pursuing this field of work. Some of these positions require the minimum amount of study in medical school, while others require additional educational study in order to truly understanding the field of speciality. Whether choosing a job as a general pediatrician or a surgeon, all of the positions available to doctors in pediatrics offer rewarding work in caring and treating children.