Pediatrician Job Description

Working in the field of pediatrics can be gruelling and rewarding at the same time. A pediatrician, like most doctors, is required to be on call for emergencies and sicknesses that their patients experience. In addition, the job requires an ability to relate to children on a personal level in order to ask questions and diagnose sicknesses quickly and correctly. A pediatricianís job description includes many factors and requirements of certain skills to be successful as a doctor.

Educational Experience

One of the key factors found in a pediatricianís job description is educational experience. A doctor that works in pediatrics is required to complete eight years of schooling in addition to residency requirements. These requirements must be in place before a person can even become a doctor in pediatrics. In addition to a personís educational experience, the pediatrician is also required to have strong observational skills, as well as an ability to hear what is going on with the patient.

Vision and Auditory Skills

In addition to many years of education, a pediatrician must have the necessary observational skills in order to correctly diagnose their patients. Since pediatricians deal primarily with children as patients, sometimes verbal communication is limited or not available to help in the diagnosis process. This is why it is vital that a doctor in pediatrics can see and hear the symptoms of their patients. It may be their only clues as to how to treat and diagnose a child that is sick and in need of medical care.

Maintain Great Records

Since pediatricians are treating patients from birth until teenage years, these doctors must also be very good at keeping records of immunizations. During the first years of life, it is critical that babies and toddlers get the necessary immunizations and vaccines to prevent diseases such as measles, mumps, and diphtheria. If a doctor is unable to keep excellent records of these vaccinations and immunizations, it can put a childís life at risk, as well as the children that come in contact with this child. Therefore, excellent charting and record keeping is pertinent to this career.

Great Communication Skills

Communication skills are a great asset to have in any career choice, but as a doctor in pediatrics, communication skills with children such as toddlers, adolescents, and teenagers is vital. The pediatrician must be able to convey a sense of trust with the child that will allow the child to speak freely and honestly about their sickness or pain. In addition, the doctor must also have excellent communication skills with parents, so they can convey important treatment plans and assure the parent that everything is being done in the childís best interest.

A pediatrician is required to have many of the same skills that a typical doctor should have. However, in addition, most doctors in pediatrics also need an ability to communicate well and read non-verbal cues of sickness in order to diagnose patients correctly. This is why a pediatricianís job description will require not only an educational background, but also skills that show extraordinary perception and an ability to maintain records as well.