Majors and Courses that will Prepare You to Become a Pediatrician

The education requirements for becoming a pediatrician are quite extensive, but there are courses that you can take – even in high school – that can help you prepare yourself. Just about anything in a biology and healthcare related field can be beneficial to you, and you’ll even find majors your four-year university studies that are specially tailored to different aspects of this field.

High School Courses and Programs

Although most of the real education for a career as a pediatrician will be provided during medical school, there are plenty of programs and courses in high school that can help you get a leg up. These days, many public schools offer specialized programs that are designed to help you get into the college you want right out of the gate. In this case, you can take AP physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, and other healthcare related courses before you graduate and receive a specialized diploma. This will help with college placement and, inevitably, with your overall career education.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

A BS degree in Chemistry is always a great path to take, primarily if your chosen university offers up a biochemical or medicinal focus on this particular degree. You’ll study matter, including that found in the universe and that which makes up our bodies. Some courses that you can expect to take if you choose this degree path include biological, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry as well as advanced calculus and even instrument analysis.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

A BS in Biology is the most popular degree attained by aspiring pediatricians during their university studies. This degree path focuses on various forms of life science, including in-depth studies of the human body. Many of the courses that are studied are divided between the classroom and the laboratory, and some of these include anatomy, genetics, statistics, physiology, cellular biology, and even molecular biology. According to the American Medical Association, this four-year degree provides a firm foundation for medical school.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Finally, a BS in Physics is another great option for students who are aspiring to become pediatricians. This degree puts the focus on science and mathematics, and it provides a great foundation for taking the MCAT. It’s also a great introduction to much of the coursework that will be undertaken during medical school. Courses include calculus, dynamics, thermal physics, biological physics, mechanics, relativity, and more. This is often the chosen major for those who have a particular subspecialty already chosen.

There are many different paths that you can take on your way to becoming a pediatrician, and each of the degrees listed above will provide you with a solid foundation for medical school. It is important to follow the right road, starting with high school courses and then working your way up to your four-year degree. Once you’ve completed medical school, you can choose a subspecialty, if desired, that will fall back on the things you learned as a student.