Interesting Facts about Pediatricians

Whether you’re interested in becoming a pediatrician already or you just want to learn more about various roles within the world of healthcare, these interesting facts about pediatricians can help act as a guiding light. From the history of the career to its current form, you’ll discover all kinds of fun information that can help you make an educated decision about your career in medicine.

The History

The first pediatric school in the world was opened in 1745, and it was known as the London Foundling Hospital. Though it started out as a hospital designated to treat orphans and children who would not otherwise receive the healthcare they needed, it quickly blossomed into a world-leading facility and other countries began to follow suit. The initial focus here was on infectious diseases, but this quickly expanded to include other things including common ailments and even injuries. As medical technology improved, so did the London Foundling Hospital.

The Role of the Pediatrician

While many people view a pediatrician as just another doctor, the truth is that they undergo a special residency that is designed to help them learn how to work with children. They are specially trained to provide comfort and medical knowledge to young patients and their families, and there are more than a dozen subspecialties in which these individuals can focus, too.

Extensive Training

In most states within the US, it takes a total of 11 years after high school to become a practicing pediatrician – and sometimes longer if a specialization is chosen. This includes four years at a university, four years of medical school, and another three years (or longer) participating in a hands-on residency that teaches them the ins and outs of pediatrics. There are more than 140 schools in the US that can provide this training, and much of it is in teaching hospitals.

Salary and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, general pediatricians earn about $183,180 on average which is about $88.07 per hour. The job outlook here is also outstanding when it is considered that employment is expected to grow some 18% between the years of 2012 and 2022, much faster than average for all occupations combined. This is due to the increased accessibility of health insurance and a larger population which inherently demands more healthcare providers. In fact, many universities are expanding their faculty and increasing enrollments in order to compensate for the expected demand.

Highest-Paying Locations

The salary that can be earned by a pediatrician depends on many different factors, and these include experience and location. Of course, as with many professions, the more experience a pediatrician has, the more he or she can earn – particularly in a private practice where he or she is well-respected. The next factor, location, is a bit surprising. The highest-paying state for pediatricians in the country is Mississippi where the average salary is $266,040 per year, and the next in line is Utah where they can earn $236,630 per year on average.

Overall, the career of a pediatrician is one that is full of benefits. These fun facts can help you decide whether or not this is the right choice for you.