A Look at Pediatrician Subspecialties and Salary Details

The term “pediatrician” is a general one in that it refers to a doctor who treats patients from infancy up to the age of 21 in some cases. There are several different subspecialties you can choose, as well, and each of these presents a different set of opportunities in both the work environment and the salary.

Child Abuse Pediatrics

A child abuse pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and care of children who are suspected victims of child abuse. These individuals earn an average of $122,000 per year and they often work in trauma centers as well as in private offices. They are required to work hand-in-hand with families and social services, as well, in order to ensure that children receive the right care and protection.

Hospice and Palliative Care

A pediatrician who works in hospice works with terminally ill patients to provide them with education and comforting measures. Much like adult or elderly hospice care, much of their time is devoted to providing the family with the information they need to make decisions about their loved ones. The average annual salary for this subspecialty is $189,000.

Medical Toxicology

The primarily concern for Individuals who choose this subspecialty will be the prevention and treatment of injury or illness that might result from chemicals or drugs, including radiological and biological agents. Oftentimes, these professionals work in poison control centers or in trauma units within hospitals. Their average annual salary is $153,000.

Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine

Neonatal and perinatal pediatricians work with fetuses and newborns. They are often called into action during high-risk pregnancies and when a fetus that is still in the womb is diagnosed with a potentially dangerous condition. Most of the time, candidates will be required to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology before moving on to this subspecialty. The average annual salary is $184,000.

Emergency Medicine

As the name would suggest, this is an all-encompassing term for a general pediatrician who specializes in the treatment of acute illness and injuries, usually within a trauma center in a hospital. He or she may deal with almost any kind of injury or illness imaginable, and must be able to make very quick decisions. These individuals earn roughly $191,000 per year, on average.

Pediatric Transplant Hepatology

A transplant hepatologist work with children who are in need of or who have received liver transplants. They often oversee the patient during end-stage liver disease treatment, advocate for the patient on the organ donor waiting list, perform transplant surgeries, and monitor the patient for signs of rejection. The average annual wage for this subspecialty is $270,000 – one of the highest in the field.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is constantly evolving, and this makes for a fast-paced and rewarding career. In this subspecialty, individuals work with patients who are involved in various sports. They may perform rigorous physical exams prior to the start of the training season, and they may also work with kids who have been injured during these activities. The average annual salary is $141,000.

There are other subspecialties that have handsome salaries attached to them, as well. They include gastroenterology, nephrology, pulmonology, rheumatology, and others.